Programming Classes for Children and Youth!

Classes for children, Age 7-12: lessons provided as After-School Studios, Individual Tutoring, or On-line Classes.
Classes for teenagers, Age 12-18: more advanced coding focused on project development, problem solving, platforms for science classes.

Scratch Programming

TeacherAdinaSatya (Adina Riposan-Taylor) is in the network of Scratch Teachers registered by Harvard University since 2017 and she has created her own course based on a curriculum recommended by Harvard University and MIT.
Note: Scratch Programming is a coding language created at the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that helps children learn important strategies for solving problems, think creatively, and reason systematically, design projects, create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games, communicate ideas, work collaboratively, and share those creations with the online community (Read more).

Adina’s Live Scratch course in lockdown

Adina’s interactive classes supported by Zoom live conferencing on the Scratch Teachers online system (April – May 2020).
Watch the Introduction Class Video Recording (April 25)
Visit the Classroom link
Adina’s course platform and teaching studios are further open to all students to continue to work independently and interactively, and collaborate with each other through the students’ projects studio.

Youth STEAM Regional Virtual Camp – July 2020

Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor @ Satya Sattva studio has participated as a Coding Teacher in the Youth STEAM Virtual Summer Camp 2020 organized by Shiva Robotics Academy and the City of Jacksonville FL, to support children and youth during the lockdown, funded by the City of Jacksonville through Kids Hope Alliance. Shiva Robotics Academy in partnership with Communities in Schools of Jacksonville conducted one week of Virtual Camp (July 20-24), on a S.T.E.A.M theme (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics), including sessions in coding, animation, 3D designing, simulation and game development. The camp was attended via Zoom by 80 students, in grades 3-8, in Duval County.
Adina contributed 2 advanced Scratch coding and game development sessions:
Live step-by-step demonstrations on building interactive games in Scratch, customized for different ages (Elementary, Middle, High-school), including Math coding and Computational Thinking elements.

Video recordings of Adina’s live coding sessions:

(Grades 3-5 / Grades 6-8)


Play the Games!


Web Design and Development

Creating interactive websites and web pages.


Price and Location:

  • Individual Tutoring: $75/session (1h) 1-3 children; classes at the location chosen by the parents or at Satya Sattva Studio.
  • On-line Classes: $20/session/child (1h 30min) 5-10 children; individual on-line Scratch accounts required, the on-line accounts shall be confirmed and observed by the parents.
  • After-School Studios: Price to be discussed with the school; classes at the school location.


  • Individual Tutoring: 8 sessions package, 525 USD (1 session is free)
  • On-line Classes: 10 sessions package, 200 USD/child
  • After-School Studios: Packages to be discussed with the school.

Payment Methods:

Payments can be done by Card, PayPal, Check, or Cash.

*Credit and Debit Card payments are processed by Mobile Pay at Bank of America.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover.

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