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Neuroplasticity and the Power of Brain Work

Brain Work

While it has already been proven that cognitive exercises, neuronal networks strengthening and patterns shaping, or simply put – brain work and commitment in meditation – could change an (apparently) dysfunctional brain into a normally functional brain, imagine what would happen if you started with a normally functional brain and added all that brain work on top!
Progressing what seems to be “all we can do” with our brains to “more than we could ever imagine we could do” with our brains – is just one step away…

Or, simply said: “Redefine what’s possible” !



Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor
has studied the field of Esoteric Sciences and Parapsychology for 7 years, during which she has attended regular classes and workshops with world-renowned Parapsychology teachers holding degrees in Science and Engineering, research experience, NLP trainer certification, as well as worldwide recognition as Yoga Alliance and Yoga Federation certified Yoga and Meditation teachers.

Adina participated in 12 Parapsychology retreats in the mountains and she became experienced in caves-meditation.

*** Adina is especially grateful to her first Mentor in Parapsychology, Ing. Eugen Bargauanu (founder and lead research scientist of the AIM Group) for the many years of teachings and guidance, wisdom, compasion, kindness, and generosity, as well as for the life-long presence of a good friend.

Adina Meditation

Adina has been part of a Parapsychology study group since 1999, conducting dedicated study and research work as well as advanced practice in Meditation, Pranayama, and Esoteric Yoga – both group-oriented and solitary retreat practice. During her long-time study and research in Parapsychology, Adina has learned to cultivate the knowledge and understanding of Esoteric Sciences as part of her path towards enlightenment, self-development, and evolution – in line with the strict rules of esoteric ethics and universal laws of righteousness, offering kindness, love and compassion to all humankind and supporting the elevation of humanity to a higher level of consciousness and vibration.
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Parapsychology Introductory Workshop at Satya Sattva Studio

Adina Meditation

Our workshop is designed to present the main aspects of Parapsychology as discipline and practice, and to set the basis for the Parapsychology Course, Study Group, and Training Program to be further held at Satya Sattva school.

Our workshop will cover a wide range of Brain Work methods, ESP (Extra-Sensory Perceptions), PSI phenomena and Esoteric related topics.
We approach Parapsychology in a holistic way, including knowledge and expertise from both scientific and traditional fields, as well as experimental research, practice and experience.

Adina Meditation

Exploring the duality mind-brain, we approach the human universe “beyond the physical body”, integrating knowledge and wisdom from traditional disciplines (such as Tao, Qigong and Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), in direct synergy with scientific disciplines (Biomedical physiologic studies, Neurosciences and Contemplative Neurosciences) – to fit the requirements and understanding of a modern society.


We will discuss:

Adina Meditation

  • The entire spectrum of phenomena that fall into the category of ESP (Extra-Sensory Perceptions, such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance and precognition), as well as the brain activity and the endocrine system in relation to ESP;
  • Superior states of consciousness (local vs. non-local consciousness);
  • Kundalini psycho-mental energy;
  • DMILS – Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems (at both cognitive and physiological levels);
  • Energy remote transfer;
  • OBE spectrum of knowledge (Out-of-Body Experiences);
  • Traditional esoteric Yoga & Tao concepts in relation to Parapsychology (e.g., subtle bodies, chakras, nadis and meridians, prana, bio-energy, aura visualization and simulation), discussing traditional interpretations and alternative therapy approaches, and psychosomatic influences.


Personal Trainings (individual training sessions):


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