Are We Ever Going To Grow Mature?

Which is the level of consciousness the Human race has got to so far?

By Adina Riposan
Director, e&m Global Perspective – Editorial, September 2001

(Published in response to the theorist attacks on September 11, 2001)



“Only two things are infinite,
The universe and human stupidity,
And I’m not sure about the former.”

(Albert Einstein)


Which is the level of consciousness the Human race has got to so far? The experts say we are still in the kindergarten, when it comes to the Evolution process all rational species have to undergo. Could it be seen as the logical explanation for the irrational actions which currently astonish people all around the world? How could it otherwise be explained?

If we take it for real and define as “childhood” the Age that human kind is currently undergoing, what comes into my mind is the natural unconscious inclination of many children towards destruction just for destruction sake and actually enjoying it as a masterpiece.

As rational creatures, we’ve got accustomed to look for reasons and seek for motivations in any action we take, while attempting to isolate and interpret determinants. But is there anything left to explain? Is there anything that a mature healthy human brain could possibly take?

Religious people say we need to wait for Jesus to return and rescue all God’s creatures, but few of them remind people they actually need to start deserving it. Some others talk about Evolution which basically is supposed to change the field when human race will reach a certain Age of maturity.

What is most likely to happen is that we get to some point when people grow wiser and start looking back to historical facts, as they were, and finally give some logical explanations to subsequent stages in human destruction. And maybe leave valuable testimonies to other species which are about to look for us.

Up to that day, we can keep killing each other in the most genially devised ways and show the Universe how brilliantly smart we are, or how we used to be.

As Schiller used to say, “Against stupidity, Gods themselves fight in the vain…”