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Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi) is the founder of Satya Sattva studio and study group. Adina is life-time committed to self-development practice and study, such as Yoga and Meditation, Qigong and Tai Chi, philosophy and contemplative comparative studies in Buddhism, Hinduism, Shivaism, Sufism, Daoism, and Christianity, as well as self-inquiry and Transpersonal Psychology. She is particularly interested in the impact of these activating and contemplative practices on balancing the human nervous system, the mind-and-body integrated approach to health and development, and the impact on the ageing process. Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor is an active researcher in Biomedical Informatics, with extensive experience in both research and translational activities. She is also experienced as an University Lecturer and Bilingual Journalist, which supports her publishing, lecturing activities and workshops presentations. See Adina’s Bio

Self-Development Publications


Book Essay: “The Elixir of Life, Transitioning from the Ingestible Elixir to the Inner Elixir”

Adina Riposan-Taylor, PhD
TMYS Review September 2022: Cultural Identity & Ideology II. Stories, Poems, Essays on Food & Drinks 
In association with York Center for Asian Research, York University (Celebrating 20 Years)
(Part of Tell Me Your Story (TMYS) Review book series, 2020-2022)
Adina’s Essay Abstract: This paper discusses the “Elixir of Life” across history and cultures and its transition from the ingestible elixir concept, a food, a drink, or an alchemic potion, to the inner elixir, the subtle essence to be developed within, through the interiorization of alchemy and the shift toward the inner plane. Originally, the purpose of the alchemists or physicians was to seek out ways of formulating the elixir, with the promise of health and longevity, eternal youth, immortality, creating or recovering life. This article reviews a series of variations of the ingestible elixir with historical, mythological, or medical roots, ranging from the legendary alchemic concoctions and the “Philosopher’s Stone” to a variety of herbs, natural medicines, remedies, fruits and their juices, to “the foods and the drinks of the Gods”, and even entheogenic agents – generally forming the goal for the elixir seekers and the prize for the meritorious ones, thus granted the privilege and the grace of receiving the elixir. Over the centuries, however, the term evolved across most cultures, and the promise of immortality or youth was further linked to the process of inner evolution, enlightenment, self-realization, and transcendence. The article addresses the archetypal human mythology of the ascending person in the Greek, Latin, Vedic, Daoist, Buddhist, and Egyptian mythologies, and points out the connections with Western Alchemy. Ultimately, the paper highlights the “inner elixir” becoming the symbolic representation of the most refined essence of self, our true nature, and the elixir is thought to be achieved when we reach our original state of being. It concludes that the elixir seeker may eventually regard the nature of immortality not as an intent of living forever, but as a way to experience the original peace, equanimity, contentment – expression of the highest form of cultivation – realizing the profound truth of eternal being.
Panel Discussion Video RecordingJuly 2nd, 2022
Theme: The Elixir of Life Across History and Cultures
Speakers: Dr. Suhas G. Kshirsagar, Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor, Mona Verma
Moderator: Snigdha Basu

Personal Connected Devices for Healthcare

Book Chapter
Adina Riposan-Taylor, Ian J. Taylor
Springer book. Published August 2018
“The Internet of Things for Smart Urban Ecosystems” 
(pages 333-361)
Part of the Internet of Things (ITTCC) book series, 2014-2019

Roadmap for Independent Research

Using Portable EEG Technology and Heart Rate Monitor to Investigate Physiologic Effects of Contemplative Disciplines, Soft Martial Arts and Traditional Hatha Yoga
on the Internal Self-Regulation Mechanisms

June 2017
Adina Riposan-Taylor, PhD
Biomedical Informatics Research Consultant
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The Namarupa

Insights for the students who Sincerely and Truthfully aim to Transcend it
August 2015

The Value of Patience in Understanding the Others and Developing Spiritual Relationships

March 2015

Tai Chi, Qigong, and Daoist Alchemy

A Brief Insight
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July 2015

The Elixir of Life: Across History and World Cultures

Exploring Philosophy and Alchemy, Mythology, Theology and Spirituality, Mysticism and Esoteric Sciences, Ancient Medicine, Nutrition and Herbology
November 2014
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Scientific Publications

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2004-2011; 2017

  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Satya Consulting / Satya Sattva Studio, USA
  • Military Technical Academy (MTA), Romania
  • Contact Net Ltd, Romania


Older Articles – Editorials

From my early 20s, while running the Contact Net company & magazines… and my “previous life” as a Bilingual Journalist

EDITORIALS published in ICT magazines edited by CONTACT NET Ltd:

  • xxiSolutions-Competitive Management for the Informational Society
  • e&mGlobal Perspective (online magazine)



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