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Hridaya Hatha Yoga; Hridaya Meditation; Tai Chi; Qigong

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  • Tai Chi, Qigong, and Daoist Alchemy

    • Vitality Enhancement Method (Bu Zheng Qigong)
    • Integral 10 Phases Qigong
    • The Golden Elixir (The 7 Precious Gestures)
    • Yi Jin Jing style – Tendon Changing Practice (Connective Tissues Transformation)
    • Xi Sui Jing style – Marrow Washing
    • Liu Zi Jue – Six Healing Sounds Qigong
    • The Daoist Medicine Wheel
    • Wuji Gong – Primordial Qigong
    • Daoist Alchemy
    • Integral Tai Chi (9/18 form, based on Yang, Chen, Sun, and Wu styles Tai Chi)
    • Tai Chi Easy (short 5/10 form, based on Yang style Tai Chi)
    • Wu Style Tai Chi (18 form)
    • Wu Style Qigong and Meridian Stretching
    • Qin Xi style – Five Animal Frolics (ancient forms created by Hua Tuo)
  • Yoga

    • Hridaya Hatha Yoga
    • Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga
    • JKYog (Jagadguru Kripaluji Yoga)
    • Kriya – Kundalini Yoga
    • Tantra Yoga
    • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Meditation

    • Meditation of the Spiritual Heart
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Attention-focus Meditation


  • Tai Chi, Qigong, and Daoist Alchemy

    • Introductory Workshop in Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (roots, philosophy, and practice of the Vitality Enhancement method (Bu Zheng style) and the Alchemic Nine Phases)
    • Wu Style Tai Chi Workshop
    • The Golden Elixir legend through the 7 Precious Gestures
    • Honoring the Seasons with the Daoist Medicine Wheel (first presented on Spring Equinox), and Marrow Washing (Xi Sui Jing) – Buddhist Qigong of Shamanic origins
    • A step into Martial Arts: Tendon Changing Practice (Connective Tissues Transformation) – Yi Jin Jing – towards developing the Iron Shirt
    • Six Healing Sounds (Liu Zi Jue) Qigong
    • Animals Frolics Qigong
  • Yoga, Meditation and Self-Inquiry

    • An Overview of the Main Meditation Traditions throughout History (Hridaya Yoga Workshop)
    • Workshop on the Meditation of the Spiritual Heart and Spanda
      (Hridaya Yoga Workshop)
    • 2-Days Intensive Hridaya Hatha Yoga Workshop
    • 10-Days Intensive Hridaya Hatha Yoga Workshop
    • Workshop on Karma and the Freedom of Choice
    • Shambala Meditation Workshop – spiritual connection with the sacred land of Shambala
    • Kryia Yoga Workshop
    • Tantra Workshop
    • Enneagram of Personality – Sufi Model


Beginners welcome, no experience required !
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