Individual training sessions in ESP

Individual 5-hr Intensive Teaching and Training Programs with Adina for developing and understanding the Extra-Sensory Perceptions (ESP)

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Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi) was born with natural ESP abilities and she has participated
in intensive trainings since 1996. She was invited to give talks and presentations in international
Military Research Workshops, as well as discussion meetings at the European Commission, being involved in study groups and research activities in the field. She has also developed knowledge and experience in Spirituality studies and practice for over 20 years, being committed to her Spiritual Path.
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Our training covers a large spectrum of phenomena that fall into the category of ESP, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and precognition, aura visualisation, direct awareness of the subtle bodies and the chakras system.

We will also provide specific knowledge on the brain activity and the endocrine system in relation to ESP, superior states of consciousness (local vs. non-local consciousness), and Kundalini psycho-mental energy.


The 5-hr session will include:

  • 2-hr physical training (for preparing the physical and the subtle body structures, awakening the mind energies and activating the brain energy centers, awakening and raising the Kundalini psycho-mental energy)
  • 1-hr advanced pranayama and meditation
  • 1-hr brain work and inner alchemy
    • self-inducing brain frequencies and patterns
    • controlling Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain waves
    • advanced techniques for awakening and controlling Ajna Chakra (the 3rd eye)
    • advanced techniques for the expansion of the field of consciousness and accessing the super-conscious
  • 1-hr guided Yoga Nidra (several methods will be explored).

The training session will be scheduled in the afternoon, 2:00 – 7:00 pm. That will allow the student to stay prepared and enter a night-time of consciousness field expansion. Lucid dreaming abilities will also be enhanced.


Requirements and pre-requisites for the training:

  • No previous experience required, beginners are welcomed
  • There will be dietary and life-style requirements for ensuring an optimal level of mind-body purification, balance and integration; that will increase the efficiency of the training.

*** If the guidelines are followed, exceptional results are guaranteed.

One week before the training session:

  • Light healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits (preferably vegetarian)
  • Good hydration, mainly water
  • Strongly advised to abstain from alcohol, smoking, and strong coffee
  • No recreational drugs
  • No over-stimulating activities
  • Good sleep and exercising.

The morning before the training session:

  • Light brunch at around 11:30 am (vegetarian)
  • No coffee, no chocolate, or hyper-stimulants
  • One cup of black tea in the morning is acceptable
  • Light-hearted activities, no stress or over-stimulation.


The training location:

  • At Satya Sattva on Amelia Island FL, or at the student’s location
  • Travel costs will be added to the training cost in case of traveling to the student’s location.


The training cost:
$500 – one 5-hr training session
$3,000 – a series of 7 training sessions (5-hr each)

*** The series can be scheduled in 1 week for a super-intensive training, or 1 session / week
*** The series allows the student to be in direct communication with Adina for guidance and support during the breaks between sessions.

Please e-mail Adina for more information.